Govhack 2016 - Locatio

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Web development,
Chrome Extension development

As part of a four-person team for the 46-hour GovHack hackathon, we built Locatio - a Chrome Extension that enhances property listings on Trade Me. Listings are augmented with statistics designed to let users make more informed decisions when exploring neighbourhoods.

Over the course of the 46 hour hackathon we designed and built a fully functional product, promotional website and video, working as a highly collaborative, cross-discipline team to overcome hurdles along the way.

My primary role was as the project's frontend developer, using JavaScript to turn data from the census into glanceable information injected into the Trade Me user interface. The project placed second in GovHack Hamilton's People's Choice vote and at the national awards received the top award for Open Government and second place for Best utilisation of Statistics NZ data.

Locatio running on a Trade Me property listing. Statistics including crime rate, average income and transport methods are shown above the property information.
The main information presented by Locatio, automatically inserted into a Trade Me property listing.