Expeditee projects

Android development,
Java development
Xposed framework,

Expeditee is a unique hyper-media environment created by Rob Akscyn, one of the pioneers of hyper-text systems. While studying at The University of Waikato, I worked as a research student on two projects based around Expeditee:

The first was focused on integrating a web browser into the Java-based program, including making it possible to import, view and manipulate webpages all from within the Expeditee environment. This required evaluating browser framework options, bridging the chosen JavaFX browser with the AWT and Swing-based Expeditee code and implementing the ability to use Expeditee’s unique mouse-based interaction system within the browser.

The following year I built on this experience, working on a project to bring Expeditee's unique features to Android. Using the Xposed framework - a system that allows the Android platform and apps to be modified with custom code, I implemented Expeditee-style mouse interactions across the Android system. Additionally, I ported key aspects of the Expeditee application itself to Android and explored architecture patterns that would allow code to be shared between mobile and desktop platforms.